Freelance editor, indexer, proof-reader and writing trainer

Structural editing

She has provided clients with structural editing advice, or undertaken that herself, so that manuscripts, brochures, documents and training manuals read logically.


She undertakes copy-editing, reference- and fact-checking where required.


If you need an eagle-eyed proof-reader, Barbara scrutinises documents using recognised, up-to-date references to ensure a polished product.


And if you need a freelance indexer to analyse and index the contents of your ‘book’ so that a reader can easily access what he or she wishes to find, Barbara has much experience in creating useful and comprehensive indexes.


Barbara is able to write, or rewrite, copy for your company websites, using the SEOs that your marketing team has identified. Where companies have multiple versions of a corporate website, the copy of each website will be made relevant to the country in which your company operates.


Looking for someone to write a powerful speech for one of your company executives? Or to co-create a presentation with graphic design or videography professionals? Barbara brings a fresh perspective to the creative process.


Barbara has run courses in Business English, literature, language training, writing, media ethics, professionalism in editing, diversity awareness, and in a host of other areas. She is available to run a customised course or short workshop on a range of topics or skills at your company premises. If you would like her to address a group, she has experience in writing and giving speeches across a variety of subjects. Contact Barbara to discuss your requirements and your budget.


If you require artwork such as diagrams, drawings, cover art, info graphics, or photographs, Barbara can commission those for you.

About Barbara

Barbara is the author of one of South Africa’s bestselling titles on intercultural interaction and diversity, Clues to Culture, as well as the fable, The Wisdom of Hiss.

In the course of her multi-faceted career, she has been a high-school teacher, an A-levels director, a lecturer in media ethics, a trainer in business writing and has presented workshops on diversity for large corporations.

When her circuits are on, she draws inspiration from multi-verses, provided that the fridge drawers offer options and the coffee is percolating.




What clients say

Fanie du Toit

Executive Director: Institute for Justice and Reconciliation, Cape Town

Your editing of our document [annual report] was done meticulously and timeously. I have confidence to approach you in the future knowing that you will render a first-class service when it comes to editorial services.
Thank you.

Adenike Aiyedun

UCT Public Law: PhD, 2013

I would just like to say a big thank-you for the great work you did on my doctoral thesis. I am happy to inform you that the thesis passed with no corrections required. It was really nice working with you, and I very much hope we can work together in future.

Dr. Jackie Black

Relationship Expert, Educator, Author & Coach, December 17, 2009

My heartfelt thanks to Barbara Elion--she is a masterful editor! Her exacting, comprehensive and elegant copy-editing has turned my manuscript into"the best possible book." I look forward to many more projects with her. With warm respect and gratitude.

Craig Featherby

Carrick Group, Chief Executive Officer, 2017

Barbara’s writing and proof-reading services are superb. She has superior verbal, written and communication skills. She helped us get a major presentation or article out the door timeously and accurately. We truly could not have pulled this together without her help and expertise.


Workshop participant

I have definitely become very aware of my use of commas and semi-colons – to the extent that I may be over-using the hyphen/dash. The workshop was very interesting – particularly the pure grammar. I rely heavily on my “ear” for things as opposed to strict rules. It was interesting finding out the level of my technical knowledge, and lack thereof, and identifying the bits that I routinely get wrong.


Workshop participant

I really enjoyed the session. It has made me more conscious and aware of the manner in which I communicate. I did not realise how much I had forgotten since high school.

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